Gorillapod Focus

Gorilla has announced their new Focus, which is a flexible tripod (like all their others) and supports a whopping 11 pounds of DSLR and big zoom fun.  It’s price tag weighs in at about $150 and should be available immediately.

Gorillapod Focus Press Release

San Francisco, CA – September 24, 2008 – Joby, Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of the Gorillapod Focus™, a unique, bendable tripod engineered to support SLR cameras with larger telephoto lenses or digital video cameras. Designed with professionals and motivated amateurs in mind, the Gorillapod Focus is the biggest, strongest Gorillapod® yet and is the fifth addition to the growing and award-winning Gorillapod family.

The Gorillapod Focus provides the stability of a standard tripod at a fraction of the size and weight – only 1.1 pounds (500g). Sturdy machined aluminum sockets, debuting in an anodized gunmetal finish, offer incredible flexibility while ensuring a rock-solid hold in almost any environment. The Gorillapod Focus uses a stainless steel screw for maximum strength to support an amazing 11 pounds (5kg) of gear. It’s shipped with a 3/8” adapter screw in place and can be used with or without a professional tripod head.

Cleverly designed to help capture “hard to get” images like time-lapse, available-light, night-time or long-exposure, the Gorillapod Focus helps photographers refine their imaging skills. Wrap it around a railing, twist it around a tree branch, loop it onto a shopping cart, stand it on a table in the studio, or perch it on a rock during a hike! The possibilities for taking unique images are endless. And, it makes a great travel companion, folding up to fit in most gear bags.

At $149.95, Joby’s new Gorillapod Focus offers the same great features and functionality of all Gorillapods. The medium-sized members of the family are the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom for cameras up to 6.6 pounds (3kg) and Gorillapod SLR for cameras up to 1.75 pounds (800g). The lightweight, original Gorillapod supports compact digital cameras up to 11.5 ounces (325g). And, the Go-Go! is an original Gorillapod that comes with clips to attach cell phones, PDAs and music/video players for mobile entertainment on the go.

The Gorillapod debuted in February 2006 and now sells in over 40 countries. The Gorillapod Focus is available online at www.joby.com.

About Joby

Founded in 2005, Joby, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the design and development of innovative products for the consumer electronics market. Joby is a privately held company headquartered at 1535 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. For more information about Joby please visit www.joby.com.