Tokina Adds AF Motors for Nikon

Tokina has announced that it will adding in-lens autofocus motors to its Nikon-mount versions. This change will enable autofocus for the budget D40, D40x and D60 bodies. Tokina will start by adding the new motors to the AT-X Pro SD 12-24mm F4 (IF) DX wideangle lens — the new lens will have a ‘II’ tacked on the end. Tokina is exhibiting a motorized version of this lens at Photokina and will be updating other lenses in its lineup in the future.

Tokina has also announced that it will be delaying the recently announced AT-X M35 PRO DX for the Canon. The release date has been pushed back to late January because of development difficulties with the focus system. The Nikon version is unaffected and on schedule.