Lowepro Classified AW Shoulder Bags

Lowepro has announced new shoulder bags, dubbed the Classified AW series.  Geared toward the photojournalist photographer, the Classified AW series offers a range of sizes to fit different photographers’ needs.  The largest of the four models can even tote a 15.4″ laptop.

New Classified AW Shoulder Bags Offering Fast-Access, Along with Discreet and Truly Modern Design

PHOTOKINA 2008, KÖLN, Deutschland – September 23, 2008 – Lowepro, creator of innovative carrying solutions for the imaging world, announces the launch of Classified AW, a new breed of camera bags specifically designed for hardworking photojournalists. This series of distinctive bags represents Lowepro’s continuous commitment to the professional photographer and was created with the unique requirements of the photojournalist in mind-inside and out. Classified AW shoulder bags conceal photographers’ gear (and their mission) with a discreet and slim profile, contoured to be comfortable, move easily with the body and help navigate a busy street in Prague or a crowded subway in New York.

Soft edges, briefcase styling, leather details at contact points and an embossed logo create a subtle aesthetic on each of the four Classified AW models. A large-capacity, fast-access main compartment with an angled opening stays stable and secure while grabbing a camera, making a lens change or rushing to the next location. Fully collapsible, removable padding allows custom organization of gear and folds down for easy packing. The largest model of the series also accommodates up to a 15.4″ widescreen notebook computer, and all models feature Lowepro’s patented All Weather Cover to protect from the elements.

“We are thrilled to bring this professional series to the photo specialty market,” said Nicole Mummenhoff, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Lowepro. “Classified AW delivers a full set of workmanlike features, plus a modern, off-hours appeal that Lowepro believes will speak to the photojournalist who wants style and substance in his or her camera bag.”

Additional premium features include: removable memory card wallet; padded shoulder strap with camera keeper to prevent sliding; removable 3-point stabilizing strap to minimize movement; zippered gusset to customize carrying capacity; full-grain, leather-trimmed divider system to cradle fragile equipment; built-in microfiber cloth to protect LCD screen; leather handle for added comfort and additional carrying option; and Lowepro’s patented.

Designed for photojournalists who want their camera bags to work as hard as they do, Classified AW provides the required features with a modern, discreet style. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate camera, lenses and accessories

Classified 140 AW Dimensions:
Interior: 6.5 W x 6.3 D x 8.9 H inches
16.5 W x 16 D x 22.5 H centimeters
Exterior: 9.8 W x 8.7 D x 11.8 H inches
25 W x 22 D x 30 H centimeters

Classified 160 AW Dimensions:
Interior: 8.9 W x 6.3 D x 11.2 H inches
22.5 W x 16 D x 28.5 H centimeters
Exterior: 13.4 W x 8.9 D x 14 H inches
34 W x 22.5 D x 35.5 H centimeters

Classified 200 AW Dimensions:
Interior: 15 W x 6.3 D x 11 H inches
38 W x 16 D x 28 H centimeters
Exterior: 18.3 W x 9.8 D x 14 H inches
46.5 W x 25 D x 35.5 H centimeters

Classified 250 AW Dimensions:
Interior: 15 W x 6.3 D x 11 H inches
38 W x 16 D x 28 H centimeters
Exterior: 18.3 W x 11 D x 14 H inches
46.5 W x 28 D x 35.5 H centimeters

Classified AW Series Colors:
Black, Sepia

Additional Features by Model:
Built-in key clip (one in 140 and 160; two in 200 and 250)
Luggage sleeve (200 and 250 only)
Removable leather handle wrap (200 and 250 only)
Padded compartment that fits most 15.4″ widescreen notebook (250 only)

About Lowepro:
Lowepro founder Greg Lowe established the company’s reputation for quality and innovative design in 1967 when he created the world’s first internal-frame backpack. More than 40 years later, Lowepro continues to revolutionize the industry with pioneering designs and superior quality with the most extensive line of protective carrying solutions for photographic and electronic equipment, including products for cameras, notebook computers, imaging accessories and portable consumer electronics.

Lowepro products are distributed in more than 100 countries through photo, outdoor, computer, consumer electronic, mail order and online resellers, in addition to OEM partnerships, Lowepro offices are located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. For more information about Lowepro or Lowepro products, visit www.lowepro.com.



  1. says

    The problem is that these new bags are not available at this time. Nowhere is it possible to get an information about start of delivery …

    Not the best product marketing Lowepro …

  2. GiS says

    does anyone know if a lenovo T500 would fit into a 250W
    if I trust what is written, T500 would be a little wider than what the bag can hold…:(