Canon Teaser Updated, Getting Old Now

Canon has updated it’s teaser for the 5D Mark II yet again. Nothing groundbreaking, just a little more light and now you can make out the word “Canon” for sure on the new camera.

In an almost interesting point, the Japanese version of the teaser appears to be revealing a “5” behind the camera. Here’s the series of images from the Japanese teaser:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

And here’s the final image with levels lifted a bit to show off what we think is the “5” and additional features that Canon hasn’t colored over on the camera itself.

Do you think 5 phases of this teaser will be enough for the Canon 5D Mark II?

Are you bored, excited or simply indifferent with regard to Canon’s teaser?



  1. Richard says

    I think Canon should look at the ads themselfs, I personely find the ads stupid,But who am I? someone who dose not understand why Canon charges such high prices for items that should be included with thier lens i.e. lens shades,prices that are beyond a fare profit-$25.00-$30.00?