1. stan says

    wow. if this isn’t the most worthless post i’ve seen in a long time…. nice real world shots of some rube at best buy!! woohoo!! seriously, who needs to know anything about the D700 high ISO performance? isn’t it going to act JUST LIKE the D3?? what a waste of time…

  2. mike says

    Very good post I was interested to see real world performance of the d700 at its top ISO. thanks for the post

  3. says

    “RUBES?” Ha it reminds me of the Simpsons episode Bonfire of the Manatees.
    Anyway it looks like the ISO 25600 make pretty good web friendly shots. It should allow one to take a lot of photo where you normally couldn’t .

  4. stan says

    photographing boxes and ugly kids at best buy?? you call that “real world” performance?? very sad…. very sad indeed…

  5. sfwrtr says

    Interesting. There’s hot pixels and a lot of noise, which means it won’t be useful for pictures you want to sell, generally (except for popparotzi use). You might get some good B&W, if you like grain. Much reduced in size with good noise reduction software, it will look pretty good on the web.

    This is 25600 ISO. I’d like to see night performance, but that would mean taking it out of the store, and buying it, no doubt.

    As for the kids, they may be Eric’s You should not insult your host, folks! Please keep the interesting post coming.

  6. peter says

    Gee, Stan, did it ever occur to you that the photos were taken in a Best Buy store because the camera was a store demo unit? I guess you’re too busy posting insults to demonstrate what? Your wit? Crude manners? What an obnoxious, insufferable boob you are. People like you absolutely amaze me. Your personality resembles Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons; loutish and utterly lacking in simple courtesy. Maybe you should put on your momo, waddle out of your house once in a while and try to get a life.

  7. F.J. says

    Thanks for the post…I really needed to see those amazing high ISO photos to finally settle on buying the D700 :)