Joby Expands Gorillapod Offerings

Joby Gorillapod Original Flexible Camera TripodI’ve been a big fan of Joby’s Gorillapods for awhile now. They’ve recently come out with a new version, the Gorillapod Go-Go. The Go-Go is actually a little smaller and lighter than the original Gorillapod or the SLR Gorillapod. But it also comes with a couple of mounts not yet available with the older versions. Beyond the standard camera tripod mount, the Go-Go has a suction cup for temporarily holding other gear and a stickypad for a more permanent attachment.

The rumor is that they’ll be releasing the attachments as a separate product, for those of us who already own either the original version or the SLR.



  1. w4yne says

    I think its a nice thing to hold your flash or props but not a camera
    if you wanna use it you gotta mount a ballhead so there goes more height which adds to the already shaking gorillapod
    its because its legs are so stiff
    you cant even use 2 seconds or your not safe from camerashake
    i think a tripod is still a good choice
    a better alternative is a bean bag i think because this one actually damps vibrations and doesn’t amplify them like the gorilla ;)