Get Your Photos on the Cover of Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet travel guides have become the travel guide for the young and the hip. Now, Lonely Planet has teamed up with photo-sharing site Pikeo to find new cover images.

If you have a great photo of Paris, London, Barcelona or Istanbul sitting around, consider uploading it to Pikeo. The directions on how to do so are on the contest page. The winner won’t just get his or her image on the cover of a Lonely Planet book, though. The winner will also get a trip from Intrepid Travel — the choices are India, the Serengeti Trail, Morocco or Russia. I know I wouldn’t mind a chance to take photos on the Serengeti Trail.



  1. Ano says

    What rights on the image does the winner give away for this? What about other conestents who dont win?

  2. Thursday Bram says

    It looks like Pikeo’s normal user agreement applies with regards to rights on non-winning photos.

    The relevant section:

    The User authorizes France Télécom to:
    –     reproduce, digitize, and encode the Content placed online by the User in his Account in any format necessary on the France Télécom Servers,
    –      communicate to the public on the Editorial Pages, freely, in its entirety and/or in part, or on the Personal Pages of Users, the Content for public viewing,
    –     use the Content for promotion and advertising of the Service exclusively and especially on the Editorial Pages, and according to the means of distribution set forth in the present Terms of Use.
    The User also authorizes France Télécom to use on the Editorial Pages, his name and/or user name together with the Content he has placed online in his Account.
    The present authorization is granted to France Télécom non-exclusively and free of charge.