Sony A900 Announcement on Sept. 9 [NOT Sept. 3]

A tipster, who wishes to keep his identity confidential, passed along that he recently received word from Sony that the Sony A900 will be announced worldwide on September 9th. That’s next Tuesday folks.

While it may seem like we’re all over the place on announcement dates, I feel pretty good about this info, as opposed to yesterday’s rumor of a 9/3 announcement.  He emailed me directly with the info, which he says comes directly from Sony.  Additionally, he’s provided solid info in the past.  I will honor his request to remain confidential, but I thought you should know why I feel good about his info.

Expect to see lots more A900 coverage as we approach Photokina 2008.

For more on the Sony A900 flagship DSLR, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Sony A900 page.