Canon 50D Rumor Update

We are still very much in “rumor” mode with regard to the Canon 50D; however, another DPR forum member claims to have solid second-hand info.  [Ed. – Name redacted by request], a photographer for the [Ed. – Organization redacted by request] and fervent Canon 1D Mark III user, says that his dealer has tipped him off to the existence and coming release of the Canon 50D.

[Ed. – Name redacted by request] stuck his name and reputation out on the line and defended his take on the info and his source in several follow up posts, which is why it carries a little more weight with me than the usual banter you see in some forum posts.  Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see if the info turns out to be legit, but it seems to confirm a trend anyway.

On to the details…

The dealer was apparently at a Canon event in Hawaii, to which event I’ve been seeing many references lately.  Purportedly, the Canon 50D will be released in the coming days prior to Photokina 2008.

This bit of info pegs the Canon 50D at 15 megapixels, instead of the previously rumored 12 megapixels.  Additionally, the “dealer” confirmed the 50D would be weather sealed, which is quasi-consistent with prior rumors.

Finally, the dealer also said “he couldn’t remember if it was 5-6fps like 40D or maybe as high as 8fps.”  While this seems like an odd fact to mix up, the prior rumors had stated the specs were 6-8fps, depending on the grip.  I think this makes the spec a little easier to jumble up.  So again, another point for consistency here. [via DPR]

While I remain quite skeptical over a 40D replacement coming along while it is just a year old, the rumors are mounting and, as they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire (either that or a steaming turd).  Stay tuned.

For the latest news and rumors on the Canon 50D, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Canon 50D page.



  1. Peter says

    I agree with the two other guys. We want the 5D replacement!!!

    Having said that, this camera is likely to be situated opposite the Nikon D300 and Pentax K20D – given the latter’s 14.6mp, the 15mp cited here makes sense.

    Now back to my original sentiment: screw this child’s toy! We want full-frame action !!

  2. Shawn Hubbard says

    I made a error in judgement, and formulated my own conclusions to hints of a new product given to me by my dealer. I was never given an official name or release date. I am just as curious to see what new cameras canon will offer in the future as anyone else.