Sony Announcement on August 14

Photoclub Alpha has confirmed that Sony will be announcing an “exciting digital camera” on August 14.

They go on to say that they don’t think this will be the announcement for the Sony A900 and expect it to come closer to Photokina at “an international Sony Alpha press trip on Sept 9/10th to Edinburgh.”

No other word on what the “exciting digital camera” for August 14 could be. It’s just a little over a week though, so we’ll probably see some more leaks and hints. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted when more is known.



  1. says

    You should read better the post at Photoclub Alpha. The “announcement” on 14th August is not a public announcement. It will be reserved to press people held by an NDA.

    The real launch to happen in beg. of September.

    Nothing new. This is the normal preparation of Photokina. However, the list of possible/probable announcements is quite more interesting.

    I personally reported first about the zooms launches which will certainly make a very good complement to the expected Sony Alpha 900 (or will it be Sony Alpha 800).