More Nikon D90 Rumors, By the Numbers

Thom Hogan may be having a little fun with us based on info that he’s received from sources within or close to Nikon.  In a recent forum post, Thom threw out some numbers while discussing the rumored Nikon D90.  These were tossed around by Thom in response to a silly lottery number question.

Try something like 12, 4.5, 3, 11, 90, and 105. For the bonus number use 1080.

While it may seem rather trite, Nikon Rumors has read a little deeper into these and given us their interpretation of the winning numbers:

12mp, 4.5FPS, 3″ LCD, 11 point AF, D90, 105mm lens and 1080 video recording.

I think Thom is enjoying himself (and probably passing along good info too).  Kudos to NR for reading between the lines.  I remain a bit skeptical on the 1080 video “recording”.  I would expect if that number is for real it has to do more with the interface and compatibility with high-def devices – much like Sony has done in recent history.

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  1. says

    I doubt the video “recording” part. I agree w/ the poster in DPR that guessed that 1080 would mean an HDMI port. Since that’s what the D300 has, it seems a bit far-fetched to stretch it further than that.

  2. jwylie says

    Yeah, also agreed. Not sure Nikon Rumors did much of the speculating. They just ripped it from the DP post. All the number speculation is right there and they copied it. HD video is unlikely for a while on a DSLR in my opinion.

  3. says

    Nikon has failed to get past the 12MP APS-C camera design for the Nikon D-90. Nikon has failed to up-date Jpeg Standard, now 20 years old to Jpeg XR.

    The Nikon in 2009 and even 2010 will remain a low end camera as the Nikon lack of sharpness of the Nikon D-3 is out classed by the aging D-5 and yes even the New Canon 12MP APS-C D-450 Rebel.

    That right Canon Rebel beats the Full Frame D-3 D-700 and the D-300 APS-C camera in sharpness in Image quality.

    Sony and Pentax and Canon are killing Nikon off into not 2nd place but fourth place.

    Doug Harper

    Nikon Professional.

  4. says

    Well if you look at cameras like these:
    And especially Casio’s latest entry:
    Which uses a Sony chip. (Nikon also uses CMOS and CCD sensors manufactured by Sony) then it really only makes sense that the “1080” pertains to video recording. The dSLR market is VERY late at implementing this technology and it SHOULD have been here 5 to 7 years ago if we gauge it by released and available technology. 8 to 10 years about if you base it off of the engineers workbench. That Nikon will be the first is what surprises me. Usually Nikon is a follower and not a leader when it comes to new features. They try to deliver it in an improved form but very few “new” feature releases come from Nikon.

    Anyway, I’m excited to see that the D90 may be the first dSLR to have 1080 (i or p) video. If it’s true I for one will be purchasing it!

  5. Neo says

    How can you say that a 5000 camera like the D3 can be beat by a Rebel xti? And then you call yourself a Nikon Professional? Wow.