A Photographer’s Guide to the Beijing Olympics

Zach Honig (award-winning photographer / PopPhoto editor) has put together a photographer’s guide to the Beijing Olympics, including everything from watching the games at home to details on shooting the games in person.

While I’m not headed off to Beijing myself, I’m fascinated by the differences between photographing athletes in action and my more usual subjects. The guide is only made better by the inclusion of many of Zach’s photos as he works this summer in Beijing.

So far, Zach has covered such topics as eating on the cheap and possible side trips from Beijing as well as the question of what kinds of cameras Olympic attendees can bring in with different cameras.



  1. Mark says

    I especially loved this part (below). Good luck photographing atheletes from the stands with your point and shoot:

    “I’ve received several emails this past week asking whether or not individuals with general admission tickets will be allowed to bring professional camera equipment into the Olympic venues. I’ve confirmed with two senior BOCOG officials that SLR cameras and lenses will not be permitted beyond security checkpoints without Olympic credentials. Their reasoning is that SLR cameras will block the view of other fans, so they simply will not be allowed. “