Photo Safe II Goes On Sale

Photo Safe IIDigital Foci’s Photo Safe II photo viewer offers a way to store the photos you take on the road without bringing a laptop along. The Photo Safe II is available in two versions, 80 GB and 160 GB. Just pop in your memory card — it reads all popular card formats — and copy your your photos.

The Photo Safe II copies all file formats (including RAW images and videos) and keeps them in their original file structure and under their original file name. The photo viewer doesn’t make any changes while copying your photo files. The device can also funtion as an external hard drive.



  1. Matt says

    Photosafe II – but how fast is it?
    The only device like this that I’d recommend is the Nexto, and that’s simply because it’s genuinely fast. It’s probably quicker than going direct to your laptop!
    Sadly availability is tricky. There’s a few on ebay, and have them, but they’re not well promoted.
    I guess they’re not cheap, but it’s plain and simple the best of it’s type on the market by a long way.

  2. Floyd Lawrence says

    Re Photosafe II, anyone considering buying it should read the two consumer reviews on before making the purchase. Both are horror stories about lost photos.

  3. Matt says

    Re: Losing photos.. That’s always a risk with these things. That’s why you need to buy two … ! ;)
    Get two Nexto M1s and one will sync off the other. (At 25MB/s.)