Free Links Friday – Late Edition

Below are some of the best photography links from other sites that I came across this week. Enjoy!

Man Arrested For Unlawful Photography –  – In this nearly unbelievable story, we learn that a man was arrested in Tennessee when he took a photo of a police officer with his iPhone.  He was actually charged with, no joke, “Unlawful Photography”.  The arrested man, Scott Conover, recounts the incident, “He [the sherriff’s deputy] says you took a picture of me.  It’s illegal to take a picture of a law enforcement officer.”

Photoshop Action Pack – 90 Automator Actions – Photoshop Support – The Photoshop Action Pack features a collection of 90 Automator Actions that allow you to script nearly all of Photoshop’s functionality from within Apple’s Automator (i.e., Mac users only).

Nine Reasons to Manually Focus When Taking Pictures – DIY Photography – Yeah, autofocus rocks; however, there are times when manual focus works better or it’s the only real option.  Expand your horizons and learn when to turn the focus ring on your own.

5 Tips on Shooting Stock – HyperPhocal – With everyone and their brother trying to make a buck or two on stock photography, here’s 5 simple tips to help give you the leg up on point and shooters.

Canon Rebates Expire Saturday, July 19 – Photography Bay – If you’re going to get that new lens, 5D, or 40D, you’d better order ASAP or you’re going to miss out on some significant savings.

And, finally, here’s the only reader request for the week.

Dear Nikon – It’s a blog where users can leave their feedback to Nikon – unofficially, of course.

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