KoffeeWare Offers Photo Backups

KoffeePhotoKoffeeWare, the makers of free photo sharing software KoffeePhoto, have created an extension to their software that will back up photos online. The backup service is a premium option — it’s priced at $59.99 per year. KoffeePhoto handles the whole process, from recognizing a digital camera when you connect it to your computer to uploading your backups to your online account.

KoffeePhoto’s backup service is for photos only. It may seem counterintuitive to have a backup plan dedicated only to photos, but KoffeePhoto thinks it’s the right way to go. From their press release:

Numerous online storage and backup solutions exist, some are dedicated to photo storage, others provide general purpose storage. At KoffeeWare, we think that online storage benefits from being application specific. In fact, storage is only part of the story.

KoffeePhoto handles the whole photo process, from the connection to the digital camera to sharing including organizing and backuping. More, using KoffeePhoto, you may add pictures to your account without even running your own computer. Storing and backuping being completely embedded into the system, KoffeePhoto combines great ease of use and peace of mind.

It’s hard to dislike automatic backup options — there isn’t a photographer in existence who backs up work often enough when forced to do it manually.