SmugMug Announces SmugShot for Apple App Store

The wireless transfer of snapshot just got a whole lot easier.  With SmugShot, you can use your iPhone to seemlessly sync your photos with your SmugMug account as you take them.  We’ve seen similar offerings from the likes of Eye-Fi and even a Panasonic camera that uploads to Picasa via T-Mobile’s network.  This is just the beginning folks.  And, SmugMug just made another big step toward an integrated feature that I expect will become widespread across other devices and networks in the not-to-distant future.

As for the iPhone, I would expect SmugMug won’t be the last photo sharing site to offer this kind of integrated sharing application.  If they haven’t already, I would expect the likes of Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa to follow suit soon.  For more on the SmugShot news, see the press release below.  Additionally, if you’re not a SmugMug user, you can use the following referral code in the “Referred by” field for a $5 discount  ( 7jCtURK05RxCQ ) – there’s also a free trial period available.

Press Release

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – SmugMug today announces availability of SmugShot, a free application that lets you post your adventures online as they happen. SmugShot adds your location to iPhone photos, and sends them to SmugMug’s gorgeous online galleries, where they can be displayed on Google Maps.

It’s your dream trip to Hollywood and you’re dying to show your friends what you just saw, said Chris MacAskill, SmugMug’s co-founder. One click and a few seconds later, your friends see a photo of your gleaming smile onlineand a map that shows them you’re on Hollywood Boulevard.

SmugShot brings instant gratification to digital photography. No more storing photos on memory cards and waiting until your vacation ends to share them. No more wondering where the photos were taken. One click and your adoring fans can see the fun you’re having now, not a week from now when the moment passes. And they can follow the action by knowing where the photos are taken, making them feel a part of it all.