Canon 5D Mark II Rumor Update

The rumor mill is in full swing after the announcement of the Nikon D700. A poster on DPR, claiming to have “inside” info has posted “spoiler” specs of the Canon 5D Mark II. With a big grain of salt in hand, take a look at the following info:

– Will be announced Monday, September 8, 2008
– MSRP: $2,399.95 (SSP: $2,199.95), body only
– 16MP FF sensor
– 6 FPS
– Max ISO 25,600 (for what it’s worth…it’s more for marketing)
– Full weather sealing

– VGA-resolution display (from same supplier Sony uses for their new Handycams, except in 4:3 aspect ratio here)
– Pop-up flash
– Anti-dust features
– NO Live View
– NO pro AF from 1D (although all points are cross-type)
– NO video mode whatsoever (silliest rumor I’ve ever heard)
– NO compatibility with EF-S lenses (physically impossible anyway)
– NO electronic crop mode for faster shot rate
– NO HDMI-out
– NO UDMA CF support

As you can see, it’s by no means ground-breaking. It’s not going to out-do the Nikon D700 in performance or features (although overall IQ will be very close or indistinguishable). But it will be significantly cheaper. It’s aimed at the more “manual” shooter.

Original 5D will continue to be sold at $1,799.95 (SSP) without any rebates until stock is depleted.

[via DPR forums]

For the latest word on the Canon 5D Mark II, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Canon 5D Mark II page.



  1. Ryan Raphael says

    Please, don’t help spreading nonsense rumor.
    “”My friend is an elf and his boss gets early information and shipments in order to prepare for the holiday season.

    Oh, the source is an elf working for Santa Claus…

  2. says

    Canon most often announced their camera’s end of august, so my money is on an earlier release. Can’t imagine the camera will not have live-view.

  3. says

    [- NO Live View ]
    No way – can’t be that on high-end cameras. I wouldn’t think so. I think they will put it in for sure.

  4. Dan says

    5D will be the lower end of FF for canon it will be
    1Ds MK3
    1D MK3N
    3D (in place of 5D)
    5D MK 2

  5. Tex says

    I think Ryan Raphael is on hallucenogenic drugs and he’s seeing elves! This is gonna be a killer camera for the price especialy since it’ll beat a Nikon that costs 36% more! I can’t wait!!!