New Sale at myPhotopipe

I received a “customers only” sale email from myPhotopipe today.  It’s good timing for me because I’ve got a queue of photos that I need to have printed.  While the sale is only announced to those that sign up for emails from myPhotopipe, you can take advantage of the sale too.

Want to know why I pass this info along to Photography Bay readers?  It’s the only printing service that I use and I love them.  Read about some more of the reasons on this earlier post.  I want you to have great prints too.  If you use a “cheap” online service (you know the ones), then you should really give myPhotopipe a try.

Here’s a short summary from the sale announcement email:

We rarely have a sale that offers so much — but watch the clock. This sale ends on June 30th at 11:59PM. Don’t waste a second!

Look at this partial list! And look inside ROES for more products and more savings.

Our Most Popular Matte Surface Prints are on sale — Save 25-50%.

4x6s Reg. $0.19 Sale $0.14
5x7s Reg. $0.99 Sale $0.74
8x10s Reg. $1.89 Sale $1.12
8×10 FolioPrints. Reg. $1.89 Sale $1.12
10×30 Multi-Photo Prints Reg. $18.99 Sale $9.00
12×36 Multi-Photo Prints Reg. $26.99 Sale $12.00

Our Most Popular Glossy Surface Prints are on sale — Save 25-50%.
4x6s Reg. $0.19 Sale $0.14
5x7s Reg. $0.99 Sale $0.74
8x10s Reg. $1.89 Sale $1.12
8×10 FolioPrints Reg. $1.89 Sale $1.12
10×30 Multi-Photo Prints Reg. $18.99 Sale $9.00
12×36 Multi-Photo Prints Reg. $26.99 Sale $12.00

Plus many, many more print sizes and formats. Just check the Specials tab inside our Products Catalogs in ROES.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go order some prints at myPhotopipe.



  1. stan says

    myPhotoPipe has quality on par with your local walmart. they are by NO MEANS a pro quality lab. if you’re happy with your prints from shutterfly or your local CVS, then you’ll be happy with the prints from myPhotoPipe.

  2. says

    @stan – That’s a pretty harsh evaluation Stan. While I appreciate your comment, I certainly disagree. Also, if you’re happy with prints from shutterfly and CVS, then you probably don’t need to try a pro lab anyway.

  3. stan says

    trust me eric. i’ve done the testing. unless they’ve radically changed in the past year, trust me, they’re no better than your neighborhood walmart (actually my local walmart was better, or rather my local walmart was more accurate).

    i realize most photogs haven’t got the first clue when it comes to accurate printing. it is what it is.

    just make sure not to make the mistake and think that MyPhotoPipe is a pro lab. they’re not. which is why you’ll find their quality on par with the likes of shutterfly.

  4. says

    @stan – I’ve done testing as well and I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the quality I get from myPhotopipe as are many other pro photographers. Take a look at the link to my previous post above and you’ll see why I like them so much. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree. ;)

    Out of curiosity, which photo processor do you use? I’d love to hear your thoughts on who’s the best to use. I am certainly open to trying new things.

    Again, thanks for your comments.


  5. stan says

    i know TONS of pro photogs who use some terrible labs. trust me, the popularity of any lab has zero bearing on their actual quality. (for example, Millers is a HUGE pro lab and is crazy popular amongst pros, but their color profile and accuracy is just atrocious) i also believe that most pro photogs know very little when it comes to color and print accuracy. its a sad reality, but its the one i’ve found. most pro’s don’t actually test labs or even know how to begin to test a labs printing output. ignorance is bliss i guess.

    but the first thing you need to do when testing a lab is to have a good target file. a good target file will show you the limits and the limitations of the labs color profile.

    but there are lots of good labs out there, all over the country. most of the ones i know are good are in the midwest or west coast. i usually recommend using labs that are closer to you. i don’t know where you’re located so i wouldn’t know where to start.