Canon EOS 3D & 6D Rumors Continue

Word is on the street that Canon is about to drop a couple of big cameras as a replacement to the heralded EOS 5D.  While we surely expect some kind of new-fangled DSLR to replace the Canon 5D at Photokina 2008, Canon is mum on confirming any of these rumors.  The working names that the rumors fly under are Canon EOS 3D and EOS 6D.  The rumored specs are as follows:

Canon EOS 3D (unknown model name)

[I would actually think these specs fit a 5D Mark II or 6D. -Ed.]

Resolution: 14mp Full Frame
FPS: 5fps
AF: 9 point
ISO: 100-3200
Memory Card: CF & SD
Sealing: Some (40D)
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $1999 USD

Canon EOS 6D(unknown model name)

[Likewise, I think these specs are more closely aligned with a “3D” model. -Ed.]

Resolution: 20mp Full Frame (Sounds unbelievable, but true)
FPS: 5fps
AF: 19 point
ISO: 50-6400
Memory Card: CF & SD
Sealing: Yes, Full.
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $2999 USD

Remember folks, these are still rumors no matter how reliable others claim them to be.  Expect something from Canon at Photokina for sure, but don’t sell off that 5D until you can replace it with a real camera.  For now, you can keep up with the rumors on the Canon 5D Mark II Rumors page or the Canon 3D Rumors page.




  1. Shutterjunkie says

    Its about time. The 5D is getting seriously long in the tooth. I didn’t buy one in 2006 because I’d thought that they would have replaced it by early 2007!! Interesing how Canon are keeping schtum about it- they obviously want the last bunch of people buying out the 5Ds to feel really good about Canon when the 3D and 6D come out.

  2. Juergen Seibertz says

    This wouldn´t make sense. I think the descriptions have to be the other way around because the ower the number the higher the quality of Canon SLR´s.


  3. Dan says

    This is a speculated Road Map for Canon DSLR Line up 2008 to 2009

    EOS 1Ds Mark III
    21 MP Full Frame CMOS

    EOS 1D Mark IIIn announced 08/08-02/09
    $7,999.99 – $8,299.99
    22-28 MP Full Frame CMOS
    EOS 1Ds Mark III replacement update?

    EOS 1D Mark III
    10 MP Full Frame CMOS

    EOS 3D announced 02/09-08/09
    $3,999.99 -$4999.99
    18- 20 MP Full Frame CMOS
    EOS 1D Mark III replacement?

    EOS 5D announced 08/05
    12 MP Full Frame CMOS

    EOS 5D Mark II announced 07/08
    $2,599.99 – $2,999.99
    14-16 MP Full Frame CMOS
    EOS 5D replacement

    EOS 40D announced 08/07
    10 MP APS-CMOS

    EOS 50D announced 02/09
    12-14 MP APS-C CMOS
    EOS 40D replacement

    Rebel XSi/450D announced 02/08
    12 MP APS-C CMOS

    Rebel XRi/500D announced 08/09

    Rebel XS announced 06/08
    10 MP APS-C CMOS

  4. Johnne says

    So, this is my opinion and a slight modification of the above

    1Ds IIII

    1D IIII






    and thats above it, i think that “MArks” are for the 1D only range

  5. says

    You do know how to write roman numerals, right? :)

    That would mean the 1D IIII should read,
    1D IV

    Matters not one whit for this page, mind you, but thought I’d mention it… :)