Nikon AF-S 50-150mm f/2.8 G

In the above image found on, the EXIF info in the left panel indicates that the lens used was a Nikon AF-S 50-150mm f/2.8 G lens. That’s all well and good, except there’s no lens with that focal length in Nikon’s current line up.

While I can’t make out all the text, I’m pretty confident on the assessment that this is a Nikon lens, given “G” moniker follow the f/-stop. Although Sigma has a 50-150mm lens, it has a DC moniker, which indicates that it is for cropped-sensor DSLRs only.

The inclusion of a 50-150mm lens in Nikon’s line signals their commitment to the DX sensor format and the alternative to the popular 70-200mm full frame focal length.

Perhaps we’ll see this lens at Nikon’s Photokina 2008 showing. For now, this will remain a rumor.

UPDATE:  Apparently, the Sigma lens appears as a “G” lens Nikon’s software EXIF data.  Why? I don’t know.  But I suppose that a Sigma lens was used for this Nikon ad.  [via]