Olympus E-520 Review at Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews has posted a review of the Olympus E-520.

The improvements, particularly the new image stabilisation mode and autofocus accuracy of Live Modes show that these important technologies are still being perfected, and the latest versions on the E-520 are pretty much as good as they get at the moment.

You can read more about the new camera on Photography Bay’s Olympus E-520 page.



  1. John says

    I think Olympus has backed themselves into a corner with this 4/3’s sensor.

    They offer three levels of lenses, the higher two are largely on par with Canon and Nikon in terms of performance and price (yes, price too…look at the highest grade of Zuiko lenses-ouch expensive).

    So given the lenses are all essentially on par, the question becomes what body to you buy? An Olympus at 10mp and a puny, noisy little sensor(Yes, noise is an issue according the reviews/previews on the latest models), OR a Canon or Nikon with a larger sensor(soon likely to be all full-frame sensors)and more MP and less noise??

    One can throw Pentax and Sony into the pile with the Canon’s and Nikon’s…In time,(but not too much time), they’ll ALL go to full-frame sensors and the APS-sized sensors and so on, be damned.

    Flame me if you want, it doesn’t matter because in five years, it’ll all be full-frame sensors from all the OEM’s that are still relevant.

    Good Luck Olympus.

  2. Bigdogbeau says

    So does that essentially mean that Olympus cannot go to a full size sensor? I’m not exactly what limitation’s the 4/3′ will have for them but if the form factor they are using now would not allow them to go to a full size sensor and many lenses would become obsolete then yes it would present a bit of an issue for them.

  3. Rosettajohns says

    I agree that Olympus is having sensor issues, and it became evident with the new E-520 upgrade. I used the E-510 for almost a year and its a very special camera that takes exceptionally sharp and colorful images but has two major issues one is the limited dynamic range and the other is noice. I expected those two issues to be addressed in the new E-520 which I had for three days now and I was really disappointed to see that they changed to new sensor which compromised the image quality quite a bit which is not as sharp and detailed as images from E-510, it also lost Olympus’ wonderful signature color rendering which made Olympus DSLRs very special and different from Canon and Nikon. However, The dynamic range has improved for sure, the camera is faster, the live view has improved with less shutter lag so as several other positive features but how would all that help when image quality is less than from previous model?.