Free Links Friday

On Wednesday, I asked Photography Bay readers to submit their best posts from the past week or so that were posted on their own blogs or websites, or for readers that don’t have a blog to submit their favorite posts from other sites.  I appreciate the response and the great content that you have submitted for today’s Free Links Friday post.  I have enjoyed checking out some great new sites that you guys have got.  If you missed out on getting you link in, don’t worry, we’ll do it again soon.


Using Notebooks for Preparation – Zoom In Online, By: Rasmus Rasmussen – This blogpost is about how I work with sketching out ideas and poses ahead of time, only to leave the notes behind during the actual shoot. – By: Balazs Koren – A photoblog. “. . . taking photos is fun, and it is somehow a separate thing from my blog. The other thing is, photography, pictures are international, my blog is Hungarian, so You probably, who reads this boring about text could have some problems understanding my blog, but not my photos”

Scary Movie – LeggNet – Rich Legg shows off an image from a recent stock photography session recreating young ‘tween’ girls being frightened by a movie they’re watching.

Indy Car – Mstic-Photos – Great perspective on an indy car at Homestead Miami Speedway.

Short Story Winter Sea – Photoblog by On summer Viareggio is a crowded, noisy and chaotic place: so this march I decided to take pictures in a windy and cold day.

Waiting – borrow a view | niels koopmans – A double exposure with a Yashica D TLR camera, fantastic camera. Taken in abandoned potato-flour factory in The Netherlands.

Again – John Vink / Magnum Photos – Images from firefighters and a fire. Again.  John introduces his site as follows: “Website and weblog from John Vink, Magnum photographer based in Cambodia. The weblog is about my new production and gets updated every two or three days. The website is updated with new stories every month.”

Nikon Digital Rangefinder Rumor – Nikon Rumors – A new digital rangefinder will be an interesting development in the world of Nikon.

Photographic Experiments – Poagao’s Journey – From Poagao: “A post about limiting myself to one lens and one focal length in order to develop better skills.”

To DNG or not to DNG? – The Eiserman Domain – A look into the “universal” DNG file format verses the proprietary RAW formats. Good discussion in the comments section as well.

Tiny Eye – Photo Copyright Infringement Detection Tool – Alex Wise Photography – A post about a new photo detection tool which hopes to aid photographers in detecting where their images are being used without permission. At this stage it’s developing but definitely one to watch.  Super cool possibilities here!

Industry Standards – Foto-Biz – How to use the so called “industry standards” to negotiate your photo/assignment prices.

MV Gals – Clubbing pictures from San Francisco and beyond. also includes personal pictures/etc.

Pet of the Day – Perhaps a bit of stretch for “photography related” but there is a new pet featured everyday with a photo of the featured critter.  Maybe I’ll get a little crazy this weeked with my cat Oreo and do a studio shoot for Pet of the Day…

I hope you enjoyed these great posts and images – I know I did.  We’ll do it again soon.