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    A personal blog about my experiences with photography. I pose various ideas on how to improve on photography and welcome the advice of others.

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    This picture is my second attempt at HDR. I really love the over-the-top way that images turn out. I have had a DSLR for just over a year and Photoshop for 6 months so am still working out my style. My photos are rarely “just as the camera” recorded it though.

    My blog in general is a mixture of my job (I’m a developer consultant with Microsoft) and my hobby – photography. Looking at the posts currently I would say that the phtography is winning.

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    sitting on an archaic wooden chair in a warm evocative afternoon, when she was resting on a couch, only few yards away from me, in the same veranda facing the Bougainvillaea shrubs of south… sun wasn’t till then so lethargic, radiating the crimson golden rays, those fondling her hanging locks and igniting my envious self… Alas, that script was unworthy of staging for a real show…

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    Photos from different locations I find myself at during the daily grind that is my life in northern europe.

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    Classic Digital Photography provides wedding photography services in Arizona. We are husband and wife photographer team. We offer an array of wedding photography packages designed to fit your budget; from the simple to the all inclusive

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    The Adventures of Monkey Boy, Baby Rebel; A photoblog, updated daily.
    Monkey Boy loves to get himself into trouble.
    But don’t worry, Monkey Boy is only a Baby Rebel, he could never cause any real harm.. he just wants a banana.. let him climb around

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    the photographs on greatest and adventourous tourist sites, amateur shots from nature, cool macro snaps and lot more.. agood place for mobile photography too… the adventourous tour journeys are described like a travelouge in my words… i think u will love the place..

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    It is a big red door, sitting alone in the middle of an open lawn area. It was put there by the University of Tasmania as part of an enrolment promotion. I think it is a great piece of art.

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    The cutest photo blog in the planet.Watch somany macro shots,photos on nature,tourism detinations in india,amateur galleries,crocodile parks,flowers,insects,ants,volvo ocean race photos,volvo auto show and many more.

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    Photo Rhubarb is about discussing photography in general, with specific ties back into my experiences in building a small business.

    This particular entry is dealing with how we should be looking to assist people in our communities through our photography – it’s not as dry as it sounds, trust me !

    Many thanks.

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    A new photoblog which showcases pictures from the southwest. From big sweeping landscapes to the smallest of all creatures, Photograffy is a labor of love.

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    My blog has photo I’ve taken that I think are ineresting. You can send any image as a free eCard.

    This is a picture of a family with their dog I took across from San Francisco.

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    Wildlife and Nature Photographs from Bangalore, India along with the story to support it. It also gives photo specifications to better understand how the photograph was made. I liked them all…