Canon Rebel XS / 1000D Specs Surface

UPDATED: The Canon Rebel XS / 1000D has been announced (June 10, 2008)!  Please go to Photography Bay’s Canon Rebel XS/1000D page for more info.

Specifications for the rumored Canon Rebel XS have began to surface online. The rumored specs seem to confirm the replacement of the Rebel XTi/400D. Still no news on release date, but we’ll continue to bank on Photokina. Kamera & Bild is the first place to tout the specs for the new camera, which are supposedly as follows:

  • 10.1 MP CMOS
  • Digic III
  • 7-point AF
  • 3 FPS
  • 2.5″ LCD
  • Live View
  • Similar Menus to the 450D (but more simplified)
  • Weight 540grams
  • Cheap Price

For the latest news and rumors, check out Photography Bay’s Canon Rebel XS / 1000D page.



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    The thing that I know since I’m a photographer is to buy good lenses and to buy an average body instead a big one, (exepet if you are rich) like this one. I know ppl who bought a 5D or a Mark III and they got poor lenses. Actually you change the body like, every couple of years, but you keep the lenses easily 7 years or more! think about that :)


  1. […] PhotographyBay translates a rumor from Kamera&Bild about possible specs for the possible Canon Rebel XS which PhotographyBay speculates will possibly be announced at Photokina (early Fall). The speculative specs include a 10-megapixel sensor, 7-point AF, 3fps burst, 2.5-inch LCD … […]