Fujifilm Finepix S100FS Review at DPReview

DPReview has posted a review of the 11.1 megapixel Fuji Finepix S100FS.

It represents an awful lot of camera for comparatively little money and one that is more flexible than a DSLR kit for the same outlay. Its feature set, including very respectable RAW performance and dynamic range optimization is impressive. It’s nice to see a flash hot shoe, even if it isn’t as sophisticated as the ones found on most DSLRs.



  1. John says

    After owning this camera and comparing next to my D-80 with some serious lenses, E-510. Shocked at the poor review of the camera I read. Have taken a LOT of various pictures and many with high contrast with no (CA) in any? So far this is the best super zoom I have ever used. Owned a leica, canon not even close.
    Extreme low noise in low light shots. The weight and build clearly show a great camera with mega unique features to keep you busy forever!