Free Links Friday

Below are some of the best photography links from other sites that I came across this week.  Enjoy!

Nikon Tight-Lipped on ‘D3X’ Camera Reports – Amateur Photographer – Chris Cheesman tried to get Nikon to comment on all the rumors of late, but mum is the word from Nikon.

The Wall Street Journal lifted my image! – LeggNet’s Digital Capture – Rich Legg describes how one of his Flickr images ended up on the Wall Street Journal’s site . . . without his permission.

Camera Raw, Bridge, or Lightroom? -Adobe Photoshop Insider – Scott Kelby digs into the differences in Camera Raw, Bridge and Lightroom and tells us which one we, as photographers, should be using.

Apple Releases Aperture Plug-in Programming Kit – Underexposed – Stephen Shankland details the latest on the developments for Apple Aperture’s plug-in news.  (Note: This will be a big-dang-deal for our workflow.)

Seven Tips for Making Photographs in the Jungle – Black Star Rising – Freelance photographer, Faye Osman, give her tips and insights on shooting in the jungle.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

…and then they were free – Photo Business Forum – John Harrington provides insightful commentary the next big in stock photography sites – free photos.