Poll: DSLR Movie Mode

This week’s poll relates to Photography Bay’s recent article covering the DSLR Movie Mode Patent Application.  If you’ve not read the interesting technological developments, you should check it out.

We’ve seen and heard several responses from around the web expressing both joy and disdain for such a feature.  Let’s see how those numbers shake out in the poll below.  If you’ve got any additional thoughts on why you do or don’t want a movie mode on DSLRs then sound off in the comments below.



  1. Anonymous says

    Ok, i think this is a great idea, except for one thing. The movie mode must be at higher resolution than HD, as in it needs to use the whole sensor.
    The only problem is that RAW footage at 14bit X 20 Million Pixels x 24 f/s x 1 byte/8 bits = 840 000 000 bytes/s = 50 400 000 000 bytes/minute
    = 3 024 000 000 000 bytes/hour

    So it would have to be compressed, and then again, why would you want all that detail anyway

    PS: in 10 years, 20 MP movies will probably be common place (movie cinemas use 4K (horizontal = 4000 pixels) which is 6 MP)