New Duds for Photography Bay

In case you didn’t notice, Photography Bay has undergone a few slight changes.  I’m still working out all the kinks – it’s been smoother than I expected (*knock on wood); however, I imagine that there are a few gremlins floating around in here.  If you notice any, I would appreciate a comment in the affected post or you can email

Oh yeah, what do you think about the new site design?  I’ve been working out the bugs and graphics this week and it’s been a long night so far.  Do you have any suggestions now that I’m in pre-Spring cleaning mode?  One of the main reasons I wanted to change things up was due to the narrow content area in the previous site design.  This is a “photography” site and I couldn’t even post a medium size photo.  Now, there’s plenty of room for 500px-wide images!

Also, I’ve done away with ads at the top of posts on a trial basis.  While there’s an ad at the top of the main page, you won’t see anymore ads between the title of posts and the content within.  Hopefully, this will remain a permanent practice here as long as ad revenue continues to cover costs.

Again, I’m interested in your thoughts, questions, comments or derogatory remarks.  Fire away in the comments below.



  1. says

    The site looks much better, but your header still needs a bit of work. There is a light gray rectangle behind your reflective “photography bay” text. I assume that rectangle was supposed to match the color of the header? I’ll hook you up with a custom header if your interested. Just let me know.

  2. says

    This is nice! I think the vertical lines are great in bringing out the columns and creating separation. It inspired me to attempt to try to de-clutter my chaotic blog a little bit.