Sunpak’s PMA Presence

Sunpak hasn’t necessarily had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation of their PMA announcements; however, they’ve dropped several products into their 2008 lineup at PMA. What caught my eye first was the Sunpak PZ42X shoemount flash for Canon and Nikon with E-TTL II and i-TTL support, respectively.

Here’s the details on all the new stuff from Sunpak, starting with the PZ42X flash:

Sunpak PZ42X

As noted above, it’s compatible with the latest Canon E-TTL II or Nikon i-TTL DSLR cameras. The PZ42X has many advanced features, such as automatic zoom head from 24-105mm, bounce and swivel capabilities, built in wide angle diffuser and AF assist. It’s guide number is 138 (ISO 100/feet). It also offers an LCD display and controls for manual flash output, digital or film lens coverage and zoom head settings.

Price of admission? $150.

Consider that the Canon 430EX is priced over $240 and doesn’t offer any manual controls. If you want manual output control on a new Canon flash then you’ll be spending over $350 on the Canon 580EX II.  (*Update: Both Canon flashes have manual controls, the 430EX down to 1/64.  This is a significant upgrade from the 420EX that the 430EX replaces.  Thanks for pointing this error out labolstad.)

I’ve been using a Nikon SB-24 and SB-26 coupled with the Cactus V2s wireless triggers for my off-camera flash setup on my Canon Rebel XT. The PZ42X would be a great alternative since I could also stick it on the hotshoe and get proper metering and autoexposure. The manual controls, including the ability to adjust output down to 1/64, would also be a great addition to a wireless speedlight system for me and the other Strobist followers out there. Look for it to appear on Adorama and B&H Photo.

PRO Series Tripods and Monpod

From Sunpak:

The PRO Series carbon fiber tripods and monopod are ultra-light, full-size models that are among the lightest, most portable and affordable in their class. All leg sections are constructed of strong, durable, lightweight carbon fiber. The aluminum chassis incorporates three position leg angle adjusters for providing mid and low-angle grounder adjustment, chassis spirit level and center column tensioning adjustment. Other combined features include rubber guarded twist lock legs, leg warmers, removable center column hook, reversible anti-rotation center column, second short reversible anti-rotation center column and retractable rubber spiked feet.

The PRO 523P, 623P, 624P and 723P tripods include an aluminum 3-way pan head with quick release platform. The 723B comes with a heavy duty ball head with dual adjustable tension settings and also incorporates a quick release platform. All the PRO Series carbon fiber tripods come with a padded case with neoprene shoulder strap and include a compartment for the second short reversible anti-rotation center column.

The street prices of the PRO Series carbon fiber tripods and monopod are:
PRO 523P $199.95
PRO 623P $239.95
PRO 624P $249.95
PRO 723P $279.95
PRO 723B $304.95
PRO 724M $74.95
and all units are currently shipping. (links are to B&H Photo)


Sunpak also announced several new FlexPods, even one with a pan head. From Sunpak:

The Sunpak FlexPod Pro Panhead with its uniquely designed segmented legs can securely wrap around just about any suitable object to give photos a fresh new perspective when attached to one of today’s new digital SLR cameras. It can be attached to a pole, railing, chair, fence or tree branch.

The FlexPod Pro Panhead’s specially designed non-slip leg segments grip tightly and will not slip when properly wrapped around most smooth, dry surfaces. In addition, it can be used as a tabletop tripod by simply extending its legs. To make setup fast and easy the three-way panhead sets up in a snap and is perfect for today’s digital SLR cameras and camcorders.

Digital Photo Frames

Sunpak introduced a new line of Digital Photo Frames that include sizes ranging from 3.5″ to 15.1″. From Sunpak:

New features for Sunpak Digital Photo Frames in 2008 will be a built-in motion detection system for instant on when a person enters a room and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. Also new for 2008 is the inclusion of wireless remote control functions for all models, while still retaining on frame controls for flexibility and ease of use. The Sunpak 15.1″ Digital Photo Frame will include one gig of memory allowing hundreds of images to be stored and displayed.

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