Sony A300 and A350 Available for Pre-Order

Looks like Amazon just listed the A300 and A350. I just pre-ordered the A350 w/ 18-70mm lens, so I’ll let you know what I think when it arrives. Currently, Amazon is showing availability dates in May for the A300 and April for the A350.


Here’s the links:

Sony A300 w/ 18-70mm lens

Sony A300 w/ 18-70mm & 55-200mm lenses

Sony A350 (body only)

Sony A350 w/ 18-70mm lens

Sony A350 w/ 18-70mm & 55-200mm lens

Get more info on the Photography Bay resource pages for the A300 and A350.

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  1. Eric says


    The links I posted are to and automatically convert to the Amazon store in your geographic region. For example, Canadian users will get a link to

    If the Amazon store in your region doesn’t have the product pages up yet, then the links won’t work. If you want to check out the page, using the Canada example above, just replace the “.ca” with “.com” in the link.

  2. Eric says

    @Cheng – That was a typo on my part by listing an 18-55mm lens. It’s been corrected to indicate the proper 18-70mm kit lens.