Canon 5D Mark II Rumblings from PMA

No, it’s not been announced. However, Gizmodo caught up with a Canon rep at PMA and had the following to say regarding the 5D:

Interesting bit just tossed our way by the Canon rep when we asked about a 5D follow-up, slightly paraphrased: The EOS-1Ds line (their full-frame pro DSLRs) is on a three-year upgrade cycle. The 1Ds Mark II came out in 2004, and the Mark III dropped in 2007. The EOS 5D came out in 2005.

Right, it’s cryptic and all, but that’s got use thinking Photokina, eh? The 5D arrived in August ’05, so we should be looking toward August ’08 on the 3-year upgrade cycle? Nice catch Giz.

For more info, stay tuned to the Canon 5D Mark II page.

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  1. Peter says

    A 5D replacement at under $2000? I’m not sure that could be considered a “replacement” so much as just a new camera set at a price point directly opposite Nikon’s D300.

    It might be that we see two cameras – the $2000 one mentioned here and another high performance unit at $3500 to $4000 …. which follows some of the earlier talk about 3D’s and 7D’s.

    I find it very interesting that the new 450D/XSi “out-specs” the 40D? Given the price differential hasn’t Canon somewhat undermined the market for their own 40D?

  2. Marcel says

    Hmmm, starting to look like Photokina for this “5D Mk?”. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see if and how Canon react to Sony’s pending release of the A900 (which I’m guessing will include their new 24mp sensor). It sounds like these two products are due for release at some time near each other, later this year.

    For the updated 5D, I’ve been wondering if Canon would use the 16mp sensor from the 1Ds MkII, but with Pentax, Sony and others upping the ante with lower priced models only time will tell. The 5D is a great product so I hope Canon does a good job with this update.

    On a different note: I for one, think we could stop the “megapixel and speed race” and start to focus on picture quality in all the new products. How much speed and how many megapixels do most of us really need?

  3. NEO says

    Canon will not release a full-frame replacement for under 2K. My expectation is that the 5D Mk II body only will retail around $2699 with the kit at $3499. If they are going to package the 24-105 IS L with it, that would still be a great price.

  4. Braxton says

    For a new user, is it worth it to go ahead and buy a 5D now @ $2,099 (Amazon)?

    Or should I wait for the new release?

  5. says

    im in the same boat as Braxton, the price right now seems great and im not sure i can wait until august. but buying a camera now and having it updated in a couple months is just a painful thought. ha. to wait or not?

  6. E says

    Same boat here too.

    I’m considering buying the 40D now and wait on the 5D release.

    If the 5D is available later this year I’m thinking I would sell the 40D to recoup some $$$ and then buy the new 5D.

    Is this crazee talk? What do you guys think?

  7. E says

    Me too.

    Tell me if you think this is a Karazee idea:

    I am thinking of buying the 40D now and then if and when the new 5D comes out, I will sell the 40D to recoup some $ and then buy the new 5D.

    What do you guys think?

  8. Don says

    In my opinion, the 5D had one of the best sensors in the history of DSLR’s with its Full frame / low pixel count (relative to new models.) This made each pixel huge by comparison allowing it to gather the tons of light. I think this is one of the main reasons we see such fantastic images from it.

    I can only hope that with all this talk about other features that we don’t downplay the most important part. I would hate to see Canon not focus enough design effort into an equally updated and fantastic sensor with the latest technologies.

    Heck – I’d be happy with the same pixel count if the quality and light sensitivity increased while reducing the noise.

    This is not to say I wouldn’t want the anti-dust or 3-inch screen or especially the newer AF & Metering systems.

    Just my 2 cents.

  9. Peter says

    I’ve decided to wait. I might not even upgrade from my XTi, which I love, but it’s going to be modified to dedicated infrared capture. I’ve watched the 5D drop in price, and it’s tempting, but if the new one has the dust shaker that works so well on the XTi, and a 16-bit processor, and the better LCD, I can use my Hoya R72 filter a little longer on the XTi for infrared until it comes out.

  10. Harry says

    I personally called the Canon service center in VA. I told them I was looking into buying another 5D but would be very upset if I did and weeks later they came out with a new verson of the 5D. She told me, and this was 2 weeks ago…”That the 5D is reaching it’s 3 year run and if she was me”… “I would hold off for a few weeks.” Then she said ” Do you get it” I said thank you and hung up!

    So looks like it is about to arrive!!!