Nikon Press Conference January 30th?

The Nikon gearheads have gotten their girlfriends involved now:

My girlfriend works for a radio station in Slovenia and they received an invitation to a press conference on 30th January in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The invitation states, that 4 new Coolpix series compact cameras will be presented, a new D-SLR camera (a very interesting and technicaly & pricingly superbly positioned D… that replaces the currently available Nikon D…) and three new Nikkor lenses.

So; 4 new Coolpixes, 1 new D-SLR and 3 new Nikkor lenses. It’s clear, the new D-SLR can only replace D40x or D80 and that one of the lenses is to be a kit lens for the new D-SLR camera. The other two lenses are supposed to be two new/redesigned primes.

(via forums)

More on the Nikon D60 and Nikon D90 pages.

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  1. Nicolas Marcotte says

    False, i have seen that post the 27 of January or something… do you change the date every day?