Pentax K20D and K200D Specs

Does Let’s Go Digital have the scoop on the Pentax K20D and K200D specs?  I don’t know, but they’ve got  spec pages up that don’t have a public link-through yet.  Here’s the important stuff:


  • Resolution 15.10 Mpixel
  • Maximum resolution 4672×3120
  • Minimum resolution 1824×1216
  • Sensor size 23.4×15.6mm
  • Sensor type CMOS
  •  ISO ratings auto, 100 – 6400
  •  Sequence (fps) 3
  •  Video function No
  •  LCD size 2.7-inch
  • LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
  •  Weight 715g.
  • Sizes (mm) 141.5x101x70


  •  Resolution 10.75 Mpixel
  • Maximum resolution 3872×2592
  • Minimum resolution 2400×1600
  • Sensor size 23.5×15.7mm
  • Sensor type CCD
  •  ISO ratings aut0, 100-1600
  •  Minimum shutter (sec) Bulb+30
  • Maximum shutter (sec) 1/4000
  • Sequence (fps) 2.8
  •  LCD size 2.7-inch
  • LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
  •  Energy
  • 4x AA
  • Weight 630g.
  • Sizes (mm) 133.5x95x74

Thanks to forum poster kukitos over at DP Review forums for the creative effort and find.  Click the link for a description of the links on Let’s Go Digital. I’ve pulled them up myself and can tell you that they exist as of 7:30 a.m.

Follow the latest on the Pentax K20D and K200D on this post.

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