ATP’s Geotagging Photo Finder


ATP’s Photo Finder allows you to use GPS technology to “tag” your photos with geographical information.  After geotagging your photos, you can literally add your photos to the map on sites like Google Maps, Flickr and Panoramio.

Press Release

ATP introduces ATP GPS Photo Finder – a portable photo accessory that allows for the convenient ‘Geotagging’ of digital photos taken by cameras.

The ATP Photo Finder, unlike other solutions on the market, is universally compatible with any camera using jpeg image files, allowing you to use this single device to Geotaggs pictures from most major camera brands. Simply plug in your camera’s memory card into the Photo Finder’s built in card reader or the USB port, Photofinder then automatically finds and tags your images without any additional software or hardware. The Built-in LCD screen will provides instant feedback on the current status. With this great little device, Geotaggs your Photos for Picasa and Google Earth is an easy task, with No PC Required!


“Using the ATP Photofinder has rekindled my interest in Amateur photography”, said Rob Nunn, Editor of “it has been great taking loads of images and sharing them with friends and relatives via Picasa and showing them exactly where I took them – you really feel like you’re contributing to the knowledge of the World when people can look at Google Maps or Google Earth, then click on one of your photos to get a real persons view of that area too.”

The ATP GPS Photo Finder uses SIRF StarIII GPS chipset for high accuracy and positioning.

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