Photo Basics Educational Lighting Kits

 Pre-PMA Press Release

Photo Basics, a division of the F.J. Westcott Company, is developed to be the only series of photographic lighting kits to come packaged complete with education.  For the individual who always had a love of photography but never thought it could be taken to the next level, Photo Basics is the answer!  The constant light line offers 500 watts of constant light allowing the user to see the image prior to capture just as the camera would.

Education is truly what separates Photo Basics from everything else as each kit will walk the beginner photographer through an introduction to photography, how to operate and understand a digital camera, lighting and posing subjects, along with tips and techniques for scouting out the best locations for image capture.  With the use of an exclusive step-by-step instructional DVD, a helpful floor positioning mat and tons of detail, the average beginner will be framing or selling images instead of keeping them stored for no one to see!  For the beginning Pro looking to enhance their already great images, this system provides not only education to further their skill, but a quick, portable set-up to insure all of those great candids are captured with good lighting.  Photo Basics is perfect for those photographers in the senior portrait, dance or sport portrait business.  Chris Norman, Vice President of Norman Camera, said “One of the biggest reasons the Photo Basics kits sell so well is that they sell themselves.  Exceptional packaging combined with a competitive price and a great product equals sales!”

The Photo Basics product line includes constant lights, Digitent, reflector kit and backgrounds.  All of the light heads are available in three fun colors, yellow, blue and red, to suit the individual personality of the purchaser. The 40” Reflector Kit is complete with five tools in one.  This kit contains a diffusion panel as well as a slipcover that is silver, gold, white, and black. Photo Basics also offers six brilliant background colors to choose from.  The washable backgrounds are available in 5’ X 8’ or 10’ X 10’ sheets with grommets along all four sides for easy hanging.  Photo Basics kits provide the easiest way for the beginner to purchase everything they need to get started.  Kits start at $308.90.

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