MINOX DCC Leica M3 Plus


Press Release

The new classic DCC Leica M3 Plus digital camera from MINOX comes in a really stylish format. On the outside, it features the miniaturized shell of the legendary Leica M3, and inside it is packed with innovative technology for a small but powerful digital camera.

This unique harmony of classic design and state-of-the-art features in this new edition of the tiny Leica includes a color monitor and a memory card slot, carrying this legend to new success and performance qualities.

With the DCC Leica M3, MINOX has demonstrated in a most impressive way how a legendary classic camera can be revived and brought into the digital world. The concept on which this small classic camera is based epitomizes the essential strengths of MINOX: perfect, high-precision miniaturization of top technology, combined with a touch of extravagance at an affordable price. Many details designed in metal enhance the form of the DCC Leica M3, effectively making it a real gem. The state-of-the-art technology and optical systems behind the nostalgic look provide images of a brilliant quality. Functional controls have been discretely integrated in the body, including the 1-1/2” TFT color monitor. Easy to carry anywhere, this compact camera is less than 3” x 1-7/8” x 1-3/4”

The display can help the user compose the subject, and it provides information on selected camera settings, as well as the number of images. Based on its innovative, striking appearance, the Leica M3 is a real eye-catcher and guarantees unlimited photographic fun to people of all ages. In video mode, it will shoot film sequences in AVI format.

With a resolution of up to five megapixels, it delivers detailed images with an impressive sharpness. And there’s no need to worry about memory space. All data are stored on SD cards with a capacity of up to 2 GB. In addition, there is a 32 MB internal memory available, and a built-in Lithium-ion battery provides the camera power supply. MAP is $199.

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  1. L.P.Old says

    Wow. Releasing a new camera in 2008 without High-Capacity SD support is truly brave. I’ve designed SDHC compatibility for a microcontroller. Implementation may take up to a day including testing: use block addresses instead of byte addresses.

    Nonplussed is the word.

  2. thorsten says

    I own this little camera since about 2 month and I think it is really good. I cannot understand many negative responses on some websites. Well, if one want a real HiTec cam he should not buy this little one! The price comes due to the nice, outstanding design (women love that cam when tehy see it :-) )

    The picture quality is ok, only there is no chance to go to the 100 percent view and make a zoom from the picture on the computer screen, there is noise (of course!). But showing the whole pic e.g. on a 19″ Display is very ok I think! That Minox dcc M3 5.0 plus is a camera for People who knows photography (not for beginners!) and who want to have much fun with a very classic styled, fine made camera. For waht to use: Just a snapshot cam for daily pics to take anywhere, at any chance. An “always with me cam” for taking some point and shoot. No flash, no zoom, just for dailight and good lightning rooms. Not for taking a foto of quickly moving things like kids, animals or cars/sport. Not for party (lowlight). But that should be clear anyway before you buy this Minox.

    A tip: After switching on, point to the object for about 2 seconds, you see on the screen how the cam is adapting to light! Then softly press the shutter and the pic is well done! More you use it, more you get familiar with it, more you love it. And: take a strap because it can easily fall to the ground because the small size.

    And finally: sun from front or about 45 degree left/right can cause some reflection (blue colors, cold flavour, or strong reflectionsI. To avoid, cover then the cam with your free hand, there is a good control through display.

    And the last tip: set EV to -0,3 (maybe -0,6). And install the newest firmware from minox website! That is a musthave really, the improvement of pic quality is great!

    By the way: If you have questions – I made experience that the Minox Service is marvellous!!!