Minox DC 6033 WP Digital Camera


Minox has announced the DC 6033 WP point & shoot digital camera in conjuction with PMA, which occurs later this month. The key feature of the Minox DC 6033 WP is in the “WP”. The 6 megapixel camera is waterproof up to 33′ submersions. More details below.

Press Release

There are many small digital cameras today, including some very good ones from MINOX/USA. But if you are into serious outdoor activities or work in a tough job situation, you should be sure to check out the very rugged new MINOX DC 6033 WP digital camera.

Its sturdy, rubber-armored body is watertight to 33 feet and its built to withstand not only water but dust, dirt, sand and salt, and has been specially designed with impact-resistance for use in any tough environment. So, whether you’re into extreme sports or other outdoor activities, or work in challenging conditions, the DC 6033 WP can handle the job. And it’s backed-by a two-year warranty.

Rugged, yes, and also a very high-quality camera, with a 6-megapixel CCD sensor that provides the resolution for pin-sharp images, rich in detail. The multi-coated MINOCTAR lens, which delivers neutral color rendition, has a 42mm fixed focal length (in 35mm format terms) and lets you take macro shots as close as 24”. There’s even a 4X digital zoom capability to pull in distant images.

Compact (3”x4-3/4”x1-3/4”) and lightweight (just over 8 oz.), the DC 6033 takes up very little space, whether it’s in your luggage, your backpack or your pocket on the job. And the rubber coating provides a solid, comfortable grip, even in wet conditions.

You can take your shot underwater, and view the result too, on the 2-inch TFT color monitor. An integrated electronic flash unit automatically illuminates the scene, or can be eliminated if you want. There are various exposure programs to meet special situations – underwater, portraits, sports, landscape or night shots. Or, if you prefer, the automatic mode takes over all adjustments and produces perfect image results.

It takes an SD memory card up to 2 gigabytes, and has its own 16-megabyte internal memory. By using AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, it’s easy to re-power no matter where you are. MSRP for the MINOX DC 6033 WP digital camera is $299.

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