Samsung GX-20 Rumor Archives

The Samsung GX-20 showed up on a Norwegian website amongst the press releases of the new Samsung point and shoot cameras, which were announced at CES this week. (UPDATE: As of 7:00AM on 1/10/07, the reference to the GX-20 has been removed from the website. It was previously positioned above the photo of the NV24HD.) In the midst of all the press releases, the GX-20 appears out of place and there is no other info other than this photo, accompanied by the key specifications. The specs (at least what I can make out of them) are as follows:

  • 14.6 MP (CMOS) Sensor
  • Sensor-based Image Stabilization
  • Resistant to rain, sand and dust
  • Double dust removal on image sensor
  • 2.7″ LCD
  • Live view
  • One-press RAW
  • ISO 3200

More intriguing than Samsung’s foray into the mid-grade DSLR world is Samsung’s partnership with Pentax. In the previous generation, Samsung DSLRs were basically rehashed Pentax DSLRs. That little nugget leads me to believe that the GX20 may, in fact, be a preview of the Pentax K20D that we’re expecting at PMA.

We’ll know shortly. Stay tuned.

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