Pentax Press Conference in Dubai on January 10, 2008

Info from indicates that Pentax will hold a press conference in Dubai on January 10th. English translation from Italian (via DPR forum member):

Pentax will hold an international press conference on the 10th of January in Dubai. In all likelyhood, on this occasion it will be possible to confirm the rumours about two new reflex cameras (evolutions of the excellent K10D and K100D with 14MP and 10MP CMOS sensors), and evaluate in which ways the “new” Pentax company intends to move in a market still dominated by Canon and Nikon. Further considerations will shed light on whether the 645D project will ever be restored, how much time it’ll take to integrate and renovate the lens system/offering and, if, as it looks like, the collaboration with Samsung for reflex cameras will go on.

See more on the K20D and K200D rumors here.

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