Pentax K200D Photos Surface

We know PMA is getting closer because the rumors are getting tough to keep up with. Check out all of these purported photos of the Pentax K200D. (via If they’re real, it sure looks pretty. Unfortunately, no additional word on the specs, yet. See the previous info on the K20D and K200D on this page.


UPDATE: More photos on DP Review forums. They all look the same to me. So, either someone has a lot of time on their hands to do some spectacular Photoshopping, or it’s the real deal. I’m banking on the latter.


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  1. says

    I don’t see any real difference between these pictures and the K100D, except for the RAW button and the possibility to use a grip. Most probably there are some internal enhancements, like a pentaprism instead of the pentamirror, DNG as RAW format (option), JPEG+RAW output mode, and hopefully more than 6MP on the chip. But then it would be a K10D ;-).

    Hopefully, Pentax will focus again on their lenses, because the K10D (and K100D for the budget-segment of the market) is quite good already. Nevertheless, innovation in bodies is welcome too.

  2. Hun Tiong says

    Finally Pentax has come out a mid range camera with 10 MP. I have a K100D super camera which I enjoy using and produces very good pictures. I hope Pentax would expand its range of zoon lenses such 18 – 105 mm.

  3. Pentaxinaut says

    The ability to use AA batteries is key to me. I want to know that my camera will still be usable, many years from now.

    Good luck finding replacements for proprietary battery packs and/or proprietary chargers — even 2-3 years after you buy your camera.


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