Canon 5D “Intermediate” Version

This article on Kyoto (Translated Page) features an interview of Hisashi Owada, who is apparently a president of some division within Canon. When asked about Canon DSLR strategy, Owada said:

We will launch a strong product. Intermediate camera “EOS 5D” there will be increased durability and the subsequent pixel models listed. At the same price, we will launch better products.

Granted, that’s Google’s translation, but I think we get the gist from it. It sounds like we’ll be seeing something in between the current 5D and the 1 series cameras.

For what it’s worth, here’s another translation:

We will launch powerful products. A new version of the middle range 5D will be launched with more pixels and enhanced reliability in the market. This will be the best of the DSLRs in the same price. (Source)

More on the 5D Mark II (or whatever it’s called) on this page. Stay tuned for the latest.



  1. Newton Shrader says

    I would not be surprised to see a 16mp Canon 5D Mark II, since the 16.7MP Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II is now among the missing,and its departure leaves a significant gap in the Canon product lineup between 12MP and 21MP.


  1. […] Finally, back to the Canon 5d replacement, also known on the internet as Canon 5d Mark II, or the 7d. Again product cycle basically demands a replacement of a camera heavily in use by serious amateurs and many pros. But beyond that I noticed at Photography Bay a “person” from Canon claiming they will be making a new improved version of the 5d. This of course would immediately put it on my lust list. For the complete interview of the “Canon Guy” you can click here to get a google translation of the original Chinese page. Again, thanks to Photography Bay for this 5d Mark II info. Of course to really drive yourself insane you could just dive into the madness that is the DPR forums where your sure to fine links to multiple obscure pages on all the above, or you could try to wait 28 more days till PMA. (see ya in the forums) Bookmark It! No Comments, Comment or Ping […]