Nikon D60 Rumor Archive

Word is that the Nikon D60 will replace the D40x in Spring 2008. This info comes from M-L, who also gave us the heads up on the Nikon D3 the day before its announcement, so this is perhaps a little more solid than many of the rumors that we get leading up to new announcements. The source also revealed that a Nikon D90/D80x would not be coming. Perhaps Nikon will be dropping the D70/D80 series as a wedge between the D40 series and D200/D300 series.

This rumor was prompted by reports of the end of manufacturing of the Nikon D40x on this site. A DP Review forum user gave us a decent translation and some commentary:

The first para says “Nikon announced on their product information website that the stock holding of D40X finished. There was no mentioning of D40.” (The second para explains the difference between D40 and D40X, so I skip.) The third para is post script on 28 Dec, saying that the above announcement was not on the website anymore. The termination of stock holding of D40X is only for domestic market. Also it was confirmed that sales of D40 continues.

(End of translation.)

I think the postscript is not so logical when translated. But that is what it says. There is another website by Nikon indicating in red character that they now stopped taking order for D40X. (See here)

Stay tuned to this page and I’ll keep you posted on the latest words from the rumor mill.



Nikon USA is listing the D40x, among others, as having a new low price.

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