Sony α700 Review at DP Review

DP Review has posted its full review of the Sony α700 by Phil Askey and Simon Johnson. Not surprisingly the α700 comes highly recommended from the duo.

Overall then the A700 is a good performer with good overall image quality with a nice range of features – even if on the negative side there are some quirky design decisions which may or may not affect you. Best of all though is the fact that it weighs in at the lower end of the price band for this category of DSLR, that makes it about $400 less than the Nikon D300 and $300 less than the Olympus E-3.

With this review, I’m reminded that Photography Bay’s Sony α700 page is in need of some promised updates. I’ll work on that soon. In the mean time, there are still plenty of reviews and links on there for you.

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