Canon EF-S f/2.8 60mm Macro USM Reviews

Canon EF-S 60mm Macro USMThe Canon EF-S f/2.8 60mm Macro USM is a portrait-length lens designed for Canon APS-C sized DSLRs like the Canon Rebel XTi and Canon 40D. This lens has an angle of view is equivalent to a 96mm lens on a 35mm camera, with a floating optical system that can focus down to full life-size (1:1) magnification. Inner focusing, driven by a silent and powerful ring-type USM, means the lens’ overall length never changes during focus. It has frequently been heralded as L-quality glass by reviewers and in photography forums around the web.


The Digital Picture

Full body down to head/shoulders portraits are a good use for the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens. The 60mm f/2.8 is relatively fast compared to most consumer zooms (but slow compared to most fixed focal length lenses in the 35 to 85mm range). It is useful in lower light situations and will create a better background blur than most of the consumer zooms (shorter DOF).

Fred Miranda User Reviews

Using this on a Rebel XT, this lens is amazing. As a macro lens, I use manual focus anyway, so AF hunting isn’t an issue for me. This lens produces very sharp images with a very narrow depth-of-field. Stopped down, it is sharp throughout the frame. Awesome.


So they do exist – high-performance lenses with an reduced image circle. The Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM macro delivers an almost flawless performance. The lens is capable to provide very sharp border-to-border results with minimal distortions and low CAs. The bokeh (out-of-focus blurr) is exceptionally smooth. The only dirty spot on its otherwise clean vest is high vignetting at f/2.8 towards infinity focus but one stop down the issue is pretty much resolved. So combined with its high build quality, very fast AF and a pretty affordable price the only verdict can be … HIGHLY recommended!


Remember, however, that the minimum focus distance is measured from the sensor plane and to get a 1:1 ratio picture the front of the lens will only be some 85mm from the subject. On an APS-C sensor though, it does seem the ideal focal length for portraits and may well find a good deal of favour in that discipline.

Popular Photography

Stacked against the comparable 4.7-inch 100mm f/2.8 macro, which provides a similar field of view on full-frame cameras, the 60mm seems ultracompact, and is a superb example of the physical benefits of going digital-only. The USM-driven AF action is fast and almost absolutely silent and manual focus action is well-damped. Optically, the 60mm is among the best lenses we’ve tested.

Where to Buy

First off, consider going to your local camera store (and I don’t necessarily mean Wolf Camera at the mall). By going to your local camera store, you’re supporting your community and you just might build a lasting relationship with people you can rely on when you need some help or answers. If you’re buying online, I recommend sticking with Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama. These three vendors are reliable, trustworthy and generally have the best (legitimate) prices. Additionally, purchasing your gear through these links helps support this site.

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  1. Ben says

    What I’m really curious about is the Sigma 70mm Macro. It’s the same price, will fit on a full frame and got better ratings by Pop Photography than this lens, which seems pretty hard given how good this lens is.

  2. peter says

    Sigma extends, is slower on canon body and not really cheaper than canon. I bought my canon 60mm for $329. It delivers extraordinarly sharp pics, is very well built. It performs wery well as a macro lens and for portrait use.