Canon 5D Mark II Rumors Heating Up Again

5D mark II rumours

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If you’ve been looking for the latest info on the Canon 5D Mark II, chances are you’ve see (or will see) this photo. Sorry, but it’s a fake. The rumors have been stirring over the past couple of weeks, but there’s nothing really floating around (except for this post, which is from a new poster that has no history of reliability).

If the 5D appears anytime soon, we won’t know anything until Canon’s 2008 PMA press conference. I expect that Canon will introduce either the Canon 450D (Rebel XTi successor) or the Canon 5D Mark II (or even both of them). Both the Rebel XTi and 5D are due for replacement.

If you’re looking to make a purchase, perhaps you should consider the crazy prices that you can get the Canon 5D at now. Once the 5D Mark II comes out, I expect the 5D will be discontinued and it may be tough to find new.

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