Black Friday and Cyber Monday Camera Deals Rundown

Missed the insane doorbusters this morning? Don’t wanna get out in the mess of traffic today?

Let’s take a look at some great deals on cameras, lenses and accessories that don’t require you to get out at 3AM and wait for a store to open so you can get one of handful of cameras in stock in those ridiculous black friday ads.


One thing I noticed when looking through the ads in the paper yesterday is that Amazon’s ordinary sale prices are not that far off (in many cases lower) than the crazy sale prices of retail stores. Additionally, Amazon has a special Black Friday sale today too with some crazy deals. Visit the Black Friday Page at Amazon for more. The Camera & Photo Black Friday Page is here.

Some of the ordinary deals at Amazon that are extraordinary compared to retail stores sale prices are as follows:

Lenses are invariably priced lower than at Amazon than any retail store. Don’t buy a lens at a big box retailer like Best Buy or Circuit City. For example, the consumer grade Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens is $239 at Best Buy through November 24th; however, Amazon normally sells this lens for $149 and sells the USM (ultrasonic motor) version for $189.95, which is a better lens anyway. Additionally, you will find a number of deals through Amazon that are in combination with Canon’s Fall/Winter Rebate program – see all of the Canon gear on this page.

For Nikon lovers, big box retailers will often times add the Nikon AF-S 55-200mm lens in a package with a DSLR. Circuit City’s got the D40 in such a package for $649.99. While that’s not a bad deal, what you don’t know is that you could get the Nikon AF-S 55-200mm VR lens for $203.54 at Amazon, which is about what Circuit City prices the non-VR inferior lens. VR is important at those longer focal lengths in order to reduce blur that is induced by camera shake. So scrap the combo and get the D40 and VR lens for about $680 at Amazon $580 at Amazon with the new $100 OFF offer for certain cameras a lenses from Nikon (the D40 and this lens being one of them). If you think that’s too much, then go for the same combo that Circuit City is offering for 2 Days Only at Amazon for $559.85.

You can also get a free 2GB Kingston SD card with certain cameras (like the Canon A570IS that I’m getting my wife for Christmas) through Amazon until December 3.


Just came across a couple of killer deals at Wal-Mart. You can even order online and have it shipped to your local Wal-Mart for free. Check them out:

Pentax K110D DSLR (w/ 18-55mm kit lens) for $399.84 (yes, it’s cheaper than Amazon)

HP E337 Compact Digital Point & Shoot Camera for $59.84

More on Wal-Mart’s digital camera offerings here.

B&H Photo

I just read an email that B&H had sent me earlier. Check out B&H’s 2007 DSLR Holiday Roundup and Point & Shoot Camera Review.

Final Words

If you’re looking for further guidance, consider my earlier Holiday Shopping Guide for a number of recommendations.

Got some suggestions for other deals? Found an insane deal while you were out shopping today? Put it in the comments and I’ll keep updating this post over the weekend.

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