Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip Review

The Canon BG-E2N is a battery grip for the Canon 40D. Both were announced simultaneously in August 2007. The BG-E2N replaces the older BG-E2 grip. As such, it will also work with the Canon 20D and 30D. Basically, the difference between the two is that the new model has better sealing for weather resistance.

There’s really nothing sexy about the features of battery grips like this one. You either like’em or you don’t. Personally, I like’em. I find that the ease of use of my camera is increased and it is simply more functional than without the grip. Obviously, there are times that arise when you may not want something this bulky attached. For those times, I simply remove the grip and go on with my shooting.

The BG-E2N mounts to the bottom of the camera, with the protruding adapter you see on the left in the picture above being inserted into the battery compartment of the camera. The door to the battery compartment actually removes to facilitate the use of the grip.

Once mounted, you get the ability to shoot with your camera vertically and your right hand set more naturally along the right side of the camera. This is thanks to the shutter release button on the grip (seen in the bottom left of the above image). The great thing about the shutter release is that it feels just like the shutter release on the camera, so it’s quite natural. Additionally, the grip has a main dial, AE lock/FE lock and AF point selection controls for easier vertical shooting, as well as a tripod mount thread on the bottom. The AF point selection comes in rather handy for me, as I almost always select a different AF point when I flip to vertical shooting. For me, it’s a must have.

Where to Buy

First off, consider going to your local camera store (and I don’t necessarily mean Wolf Camera at the mall). By going to your local camera store, you’re supporting your community and you just might build a lasting relationship with people you can rely on when you need some help or answers. If you’re buying online, I recommend sticking with Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama. These three vendors are reliable, trustworthy and generally have the best (legitimate) prices. Additionally, purchasing your camera or accessories through these links helps support this site.

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  1. says

    The BG-E2N is the ugliest piece of accessory I’ve seen from Canon. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to care about gadget aesthetics, esp. when it comes to photography. But I think the 40D is a beautiful camera and I’d hate to ‘uglify’ it with the BG-E2N. I’m the kind of consumer who appreciates the beauty of the iPhone, MacBook Pro, Aston Martin DBS, and Omega Seamaster watch.

    So I can’t bring myself to buy the grip for my 40D. Fortunately, I don’t need to. I have small hands, so my 40D provides plenty of grip to hold on to. In fact, it’s the most comfortable camera to hold on the planet!

    And the heaviest lens I have is the 70-300mm, weighing in at 1.4 lbs, so I don’t need a counter-weight, either.

    As for battery life, Cripes, I’ll just carry a spare battery around with me. No big deal.

    I appreciate keeping the camera relatively light without adding a battery grip. With regards to shooting portrait mode, I’m perfectly comfortable doing so without the vertical grip. I shoot much more often in landscape, anyway.

    It would be nice to *look* more professional by adding a vertical grip. But that’s just my ego talking.

    The $200 I save by NOT buying the BG-E2N can go towards a Cameron (Marumi) DRF14 ring flash. (I’m into macro photography.)

    I really wish there was a nice-looking battery grip, even from a third-party, but there aren’t any. Very sad for Canon owners (of 20D, 30D, 40D, and 50D).