Olympus E-3 Update

From the DPReview.com forums:

pixinfo.com has a report up on the E-3, though you might only want to have a look if you happen to speak Hungarian. I will try to summarise the highlights. A number of European journalists were invited to Istanbul, Turkey, to hear presentations on and actually take photographs with, the Olympus E-3. They were also granted permission to post full-sized JPG samples, but were asked not to comment on them as they were still taken with cameras sporting firmware version 0.9. A chap called Hans Wiesel presented for Olympus, and the author of the article says that in the middle of his presentation he poured a bottle of water on his demo camera, which had its onboard flash popped up. (I have heard of users washing their E-1s under running water, but never heard of Olympus doing anything similar – they officially claimed the E-1 was only dust- and drip-proof.) (Read more . . . )

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