Alphatracks has a new post on the (I would say “age old debate” but that’s not quite fitting . . . yet) seemingly never-ending controversy between the use of RAW or JPEG image formats in digital photography. Personally, I’m a RAW-only shooter. Alphatracks has proposed 3 reasons to shoot JPEGs over RAW:

Of course there are times and applications when JPEG is the better format. Chief among these is action photography – when you want or need to shoot a motor driven sequence. In all the Minolta and Sony Alpha dSLRs I am familiar with, shooting JPEG ups the frame rate and allows more frames to be recorded in a sequence. (Keep reading. . . )

The poster over at Alphatracks sides with RAW in the end and promises to tell us more about the advantages of RAW in a future post.

In the mean time, feel free to read my $.02 on the RAW vs. JPEG debate.  Questions, comments and derogatory remarks are welcomed.
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