Pics=$, Traps of Pro-Equipment, Prime vs. Zoom Lenses and More

Check out 52 ways to monetize your photos.

If you’re thinking about buying some pro-level photo gear, consider these 5 traps of such equipment.

The never-ending debate – prime vs. zoom lenses.

Here’s 60 advanced Photoshop tutorials.

Strobist gives a great introduction to Simply Well Lit with Joe McNally (download link for the brochure provided as well).

If you’ve not seen some Canon 40D sample photos yet, then you’ve not been looking. Anyway, here’s some more at various ISO settings. You can keep up with the latest and greatest on the Canon 40D here.

Check out the Nikon Digital Learning Center on flickr.

Some perspective on succeeding as a pro photographer.

Oh yeah, “Most of your pictures suck.

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